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    A little known fact to most, but Sendero has called the city of Waco home for some time now. It might be small, but it has a particular charm that can’t be found in it’s bigger counterparts. Waco knows that local is best, and adventure can be found anywhere. This is how Sendero does Waco:

    The best way to start the day is to run, bike, skate, unicycle or drive on over to Pinewood Roasters for a nice morning cup of joe. To call the coffee being served at Pinewood “Joe”, however, feels like a disservice to the quality of stuff that's made there. It’s probably more of a classy Peruvian “Carlos” if we want to be exact.
    Grab a latte or their signature Huey Lewis (an unlikely, but genius mixture of cold brew and lemonade) and head outside to their patio to enjoy the warm Tejas morning.

    After catching up with some good friends over your much-needed caffeine drink, you may look at your watch and realize it’s lunch time. Never fear! Milo All Day has you covered. Milo operates out of two food trucks, one of which can ever so reliably be found right outside of Pinewood Roasters.

    Milo creates their southern comfort food (which looks as good as it tastes) with the best ingredients from local farmers. Nothing at Milo is average, from their scratch-made Biscuits and Jam, known as the “Jack Jack”, to their mouthwatering Sic ‘em on a Chicken- it’s all a homegrown flavor dream.

    With a belly full of soul food, head on over to Cameron Park and get your nature fix. At a whopping 416-acres, Cameron Park is the second largest inner-city park in America. Amongst the Cretaceous Austin Chalk bluffs and twisted cedar trees, Cameron park offers premium hiking, disc golf and cliff views. The park is also known for its vast system of mountain biking trails, perfect for both pros and beginners.

    Whether you simply make the drive through the park to Lover’s Leap lookout or cruise up and down one of the three double-black-diamond mountain biking trails, Cameron Park will make you feel far removed from the city.

    Once you’re legs can’t pedal or hike anymore, it’s time to call up some of your buddies and hit Shorty’s for some pizza and cold half-pitchers. Greeted by a mannequin sitting in a plastic chair on the roof, you can always count on Shorty’s for a fun, relaxed time with your pals. This is the Waco-Pizza version of Central Perk from Friends. Just walk on in, order some slices and play cornhole in the backyard while you wait.

    What goes better with Pizza (other than beer) than Ice-cream? Nothing (except for beer). So to finish off your day in Waco, look no further than to Heritage Creamery. A scoop of Heritage’s locally sourced ice-cream is the best way to cool down from a hot Tejas day. Whether your a chocolate person or a vanilla person or a duck fat caramel person (Yes. That is a flavor. It’s delicious.), Heritage has what you need. Mint Stracciatella (the equivalent of mint chocolate chip) is a personal favorite.

    Waco has so much to offer, and this is just a glimpse into one short day’s worth of what type of adventure you can get yourself into. The options are (almost) endless. We do have one more thing to add to this list however, hanging out at our Sendero HQ shop! We think it’s pretty damn cool. Come say “hi,” but bring chips and queso, please.


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