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    Sendero Provisions Co. makes quality outdoor provisions inspired by the landscapes and cultures of the wild American West. We collaborate with awesome artists to create products like you’ve never seen before – products we hope will call you to the wild.



    SENDERO PROVISIONS CO. is two guys – Aaron and Hunter, both geologists. We like our day jobs, but all the long hours we’ve spent analyzing minerals and well logs made us realize something was missing. After graduating college and beginning our careers (although Hunter never left), we began spending more and more time working, and less time pursuing our greatest passion - enjoying the adventure and beauty of the outdoors. 

    Meanwhile, Aaron moved up to the four corners (Aztec, NM) for geology work, and Hunter started his PhD working in rural Arizona and Utah. These desert sabbaticals were life-changing. They fostered in us a deep love for the colors, the culture, and the people of the southwest. Once Aaron moved back to Ft Worth, he knew he had left a part of himself behind in the desert.  He had to find some way to connect himself to the west and to the wilderness. And thus, Sendero Provisions Co. was born in 2014.

    If we can make products that can speak to your soul, that can excite your spirits to get outside, then we’ve done our job. Because that’s what Sendero Provisions Co. is all about - THE SPIRIT OF THE WEST, and THE SOUL OF THE WILD.



    “Sendero” is a Spanish word for trail. When early Spanish explorers surveyed the far western reaches of Tejas, they came across mountain passes created by the Comanche Indian tribe. By the light of the full moon, the Comanches rode these wild senderos, from southern Kansas to northern Mexico, taking whatever they desired. And for centuries this way they lorded over the southern plains.



    We value open space, free-flowing rivers, public land, quality gear, live music, art for art’s sake, a well-crafted beverage, and fine Texas BBQ. We are also passionate about giving back to the land we take enjoyment from, and helping to maintain access to and preserve our precious wild spaces.