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    RANCH STEAKS: With Chef Corey McEntyre of Milo All Day

    When you combine Chef Corey McEntyre from Waco’s own, Milo All Day, and an open pit fire on a ranch… Taste bud magic ensues. Make sure to check them out if you're ever rolling through Waco, but for now- here’s the Chef’s steps to making a killer ranch dinner:
    STEP ONE: A Bar n Ranch TX Wagyu Ribeye grilled over a wood fire topped with black garlic and ramp butter.

    Let the steaks come to room or ranch temp for these before you throw them on. Season well with salt and pepper. If you’re cooking over an open fire like a badass you might want to watch the flame up from the tasty fat dripping. Pro move is to put a cast iron under the steaks and catch those fat drippings for the quail and and dove later. We grilled 24 ouncers that night and they took a little bit cook and rest well, which is why bringing up to temp before starting to cook is a good move. Praying on the ancestors of the land you’ll want to pull your steaks off right around 135 degrees and allow to rest for at least 10 minutes at the edge of the fire off the grill to stay a little warm.
    STEP TWO: Modelo and hot sauce glazed quail and dove

    Of course everyone has a massive cast iron pan for these moments so take that girl and put her on top of two large logs that have gone nice and ashy and glowing like your soul. Let it get nice and hot throw some of that compound butter in there and once it’s bubbling add the quail and dove. You’re looking for mid rare here and since these birds are small it won’t take long. Cook each side around 3-4 minutes. Open a can of modelo or your favorite chugging beer and deglaze (take all the tasty bits off the pan) and toss to coat the birds in that beautiful fatty beery sauce. Serve ASAFP.
    STEP THREE: Grilled green onions & Herb Roasted acorn squash

    With the roasted acorn squash you’ll want to prep what you need in an oven before you get out there so they can cook quickly without getting too dark. Toss in a light amount of oil and throw on the grill along with the buttered green onions. Get a good char on onions and place on top of the steaks before you slice. Season the squash with salt and pepper and serve along side the birds