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    Ryan O'Connor

    Hometown: Austin, TX

    Favorite Hat: Verano

    I like cheesy Tex Mex food, burgers so juicy they drip off your elbows, Texas Bar-B-Que, really cold beer, and a rye whiskey. And sometimes a few vegetables. If I'm not behind the lens or in front of a monitor working with The Noble Lab, there's a good chance I'm outside in the ocean, on a river, or in the woods with family and friends. I'm a fly fisherman, camper, hunter, SCUBA diver, motorcycle rider, adventurer, and lover of just about any competition. I have far, far more hobbies than I ever have time. Born and raised in Texas, and recently relocating after an extended in the craziness of Los Angeles, CA, I’m happy to call Austin a home base for my adventures in the Lone Start State 

    This is how Ryan fills his days.