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    Evan Garcia

    Hometown: Bozeman, MT

    Favorite Hat: Yellowstone National Park

    My name is Evan Garcia. I was born and raised in Bozeman, MT by a couple of outdoor loving parents. I started whitewater kayaking when I was 10 years old and didn't catch the addiction until I was 13 on a trip down the Grand Canyon of the Colorado. Since that faithful trip down ditch I have been chasing whitewater far and wide on 6 of the 7 continents down thousands of hidden beautiful streams. 

    My favorite type of whitewater is continuous mid-volume rivers with a mix of drops and technical rapids. My favorite place to paddle is The Sierra Mountains of California. I currently reside in White Salmon, WA where we can run hard accessible rivers 365 days a year. My second home is Patagonia, Chile where my older brother has settled down to run his business. I boat for Waka Kayaks, Sweet Protection, and Werner Paddles.

    This is how Evan fills his days.