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    Andrew Miller

    Hometown: Glorieta, NM

    Favorite Hat: Riding the Rio Grande

    What has two thumbs and hates the outdoors? I don't know, but that sounds like someone or something I don't wanna be friends with. 

    But, if you have two thumbs and LOVE the outdoors, you’re my kinda people. Okay, enough with the thumbs. No more thumb jokes, I promise. Just gimme a thumbs up if that sounds good. 

    If you can't tell already, I suck at writing bios. Thats probably because while I'm writing, I'm actually day dreaming about being out on the water somewhere getting’ bendo on a nice big fish. Or puttin’ miles in on the trail to a little slice of backcountry paradise. Or sittin’ around a fire with a few good folks, drinkin’ a few cold beers and listening to nature do her thing. Hopefully by flipping through my imagery, you'll be inspired to #findyourpath (see what I did there?) and get out there to make your own memories! If you ever find yourself on the Pecos River just outside of Santa Fe New Mexico, keep your eyes peeled for a guy with a handlebar mustache throwin’ dries to small water browns. That'll be me.

    This is how Andrew fills his days.