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    Rocky Mountain Conservancy
    Rocky Mountain Conservancy

    Founded in 1931, the Rocky Mountain Conservancy is the nonprofit partner of Rocky Mountain National Park. Through fundraising and retail operations in Rocky and in Forest Service, State Park and BLM areas, we provide philanthropic and programmatic support to Rocky Mountain National Park and other partnering public lands areas.

    With the support of thousands of members and donors, the Conservancy has raised more than $22 million and completed 50 significant projects, such as the construction of handicapped-accessible trails, trail improvement, land protection and the design and construction of the visitor centers and exhibits. For more information, visit Rocky Mountain Conservancy 

    Cascade Cottages:

    Your Gift to Rocky Mountain National Park
    Rocky Mountain National Park’s centennial celebrates an historic milestone for this magnificent and beloved place. In honor of this occasion, the Rocky Mountain Conservancy looks forward to the next 100 years by providing those who love the park an opportunity to fulfill the park’s greatest and most meaningful needs.

    The last remaining privately-held commercial property within park boundaries
    is waiting to be placed within the protection of the public domain.
    The acquisition of this highly visible 40-acre parcel is the park’s highest
    priority for this centennial year, and we ask for your support and generosity
    to continue the proud tradition of permanently protecting these lands.

    We can think of no better gift we could make to the park in honor of its Centennial!