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    Natalie Bennion

    Hometown: North Glenn, CO

    Favorite Hat: Lone Star Native

    Being raised in Utah by a free spirited mother from Big Sky Montana, and a father from the potato fields of Idaho, you could say the outdoors have always held a special place in my heart. In my college years, before social media existed (let's not give away my age) and before digital cameras were in the palms of anyone with hiking boots, you would have found me either climbing the red rocks of Moab, or road tripping down to Ensenada, Mexico and helping in the surrounding orphanages.  Geez, I used to be cool. Haha!

    Since then, I have gained a passion for photography and have captured many special moments for others. My first Polaroid camera had me at hello.  I was only eight years old. Photography has always been a passion and a huge part of my life. If you grew up with me, I probably have a photo of you. 

    I am married to my perfectly-imperfect opposite. There couldn’t be two people more contrasted in the universe who decided, “hey let’s get married!” I am an idealist, and he is a realist. I am the queen of homeopathy and he is in Pharmacy school. However, we share two common passions: parenting and fly fishing. My wild and spontaneous days haven't necessarily left, but have changed with our even more wild and free-spirited three year old. Most of our free time as a family is spent on the river chasing cold-water trout. Through many of my outdoor adventures I have learned that personal growth is exactly that... personal. I am continually redefining myself.

    Over the next year we will be residing from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, to the cold waters in Alaska, to beautiful Utah, to the majestic views and peaks of the Grand Tetons. We are feeling a little homeless, so for now we will claim the rivers.

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    This is how Natalie fills her days.