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    Gregg Boydston

    This is for additional info about the ambassador/pionero and goes below their name

    Hometown: China Springs, TX

    Favorite Hat: Riding the Rio Grande

    I was born and raised in Southern California. With the eagerness to be in the mountains, I made the move to Mammoth Lakes, California where I can step out of my house and explore the Eastern Sierra. When I’ not fighting wildfires for the U.S.

    Forest Service, or traveling and camping with the best of them, I am out and about adventuring the Eastern Sierra with a camera, cooler, and positive attitude.


    I started my creative side of work with animation, drawing, and photography. While working for Apple Inc. for some years, I was able to exercise this creative side and knew it would always be a hobby. Though, now I am a Hotshot Firefighter for the Forest Service, I still enjoys my time outside with a camera. On a wildfire or not.

    This is how Andrew fills his days.