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    Sendero is committed to the continual protection of our wild places and honoring the cultures who saw the importance
    of a life connected to the outdoors. It is our mission to support environmental initiatives of the American West
    that focus on bringing awareness and applying resources to preserving the land and the rivers that flow through it.

    How are the Sendero products you buy helping protect our wild places?

    A lot of the experiences we’ve had in the outdoors have been a result of having access to pure, unadulterated land.
    These experiences and memories drive our product innovation and lead us to create products lines that highlight and
    honor America’s best idea: The National Park System.

    We encourage you to explore each one of these organizations and the initiatives they support.

    We at Sendero have a storied history with the fabled rivers of the west and are extremely passionate about keeping them and the habitats they support strong for years to come. River access and quality water are always on our minds, and it is vital that we do whatever we can to support the education and preservation of these irreplaceable resources. We are currently working on a new collection of products that will benefit Western River Conservancy and American Rivers in a continual effort to achieve this goal. Please check out our partners and provide them with any support that you can offer.

    On behalf of Sendero and river rats everywhere, we thank you!

    If there are other ways you feel that Sendero could be helping to protect our natural world, please send your suggestions to: